Evan Pavlica

Los Angeles-based Software Engineer Evan Pavlica has over 5 years of experience creating web experiences. Specializing in Ruby and Javascript, he has worked on projects ranging from e-commerce sites to specialty product launch pages. Evan has a passion for clean, self-documenting code, and for embracing the latest web standards and technologies. In his personal time, he is proud to sing with the Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles.

Work Experience

  • Sony Pictures Entertainment

    May 2016-Present

    As part of a small agile team, built and maintained an enterprise digital asset managment system. Developed multiple cross-system integrations with both internal and external customers. Provided timely support for production issues and customer complaints. Lead major system upgrades and refactors, including porting the application to Docker.

  • Alto Labs

    Sept 2014-May 2016

    Created new features and maintained exiting systems for multiple clients. Lead the development of new projects.

  • General Assembly

    Feb 2014-Sept 2016

    Instructed dozens of developers in Rails, AngularJS, and more for the full-time Web Development Immersive course.

  • Music Prodigy

    Feb 2014-Apr 2014

    Enhanced existing features and refactored legacy code in collaboration with a talented full-remote team.


  • Sony Pictures Runner

    Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, React, Elasticsearch, Docker, Webpack, Chef, Postgresql, AWS

    As the central repository for all of the studio's digital assets, Runner is a linchpin in many workflows. Features include file uploads and sharing, image resizing, metadata tagging, and video proxy generation, as well as archival (Glacier) storage.

  • Boombotix

    Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, Spree, Postgresql, Heroku

    The Boombotix website and store offered several unique features, including a custom speaker builder and a "Get OBD ID'd" feature promoting the brand's collaboration with WuTang Clan. The Spree framework served as the backend for this Heroku-hosted application.

  • Snappic

    Ruby on Rails, Polymer, Postgresql, Digital Ocean

    The MVP of Snappic provided eCommerce companies a way to leverage their social media presence into sales, through integrations with Shopify and Instagram.


  • General Assembly


    Web Development Immersive

  • Columbia College Hollywood


    BFA, Cinema and Television

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